What to expect during SXSW

March, Yearly

Could this event take credit for putting Austin on the map for the young, hungry, and tech-friendly? One could argue that; but the conference involves more than just nerds looking for the next cool wearable. No doubt, SXSW is a convergence of film, music, gaming, and interactive industries.
SXSW is a massive event showcasing the film, music, and interactive industries. The conference means tons of learning opportunities, with speakers, workshops, performances and so much more. Here, big names mingle with start-ups, and up-and-comer’s get a chance to rub elbows with all kinds of industry pros.
Expect tons of corporate activations, like Mr. Robot putting a giant Ferris Wheel downtown, or special performances by emerging (and big) music talent, plus loads of meme references from important people like, oh, President Obama (#ThanksObama).
Even though you’ve steered away from VR to avoid looking like a dork, you can indulge here and no one will judge you. We assure you, you won’t be alone, and Tinder and Bumble will probably be off its hinges throughout the festival.
Truth is, we understand why SXSW has grown immensely very quickly. Why not sit-in at panel discussions, immerse yourself in workshops, and watch the performances? The event seeks to offer major networking, learning, and discovery opportunities–and it certainly delivers.

Hotel Saint Cecilia

Hotel Saint Cecilia represents all that is glorious about luxury boutique hotels. In total there are five suites, six poolside bungalows, and three studios on the property. Decor is stylishly inspired by a blend of sixties and seventies poetic rock n’ roll–like a spread from CN Traveler. The intimate, upscale buildings and grounds are exclusive to guests, making this spot perfect for those who like to hide away when the spotlight’s not on them.

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Kimber Modern Boutique Hotel

For all of you minimalists out there, be sure to check out the Kimber Modern. The ultra bright, simple, and clean hotel was designed by owner Kimber Cavendish to be a functional work of art. Here, it’s all about easy usability. It was built with refreshing and exceptionally eco-friendly design in mind. What’s better than being green while at a tech conference?

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Westin Austin

This upscale hotel is perfectly situated Downtown, near the Convention Center, the Texas Capitol building, and so much more. To top off the high-end digs, this Westin also has a restaurant that serves Southern fare, and a gorgeous outdoor pool with killer skyline views. Night swim, anyone?

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The Heywood Hotel

The Heywood Hotel is as close as you can get to feeling like you’re staying at a friend’s house–Intimate, cozy, stylish, and laid back. This spot is just a few blocks from downtown, the Convention Center, Rainey Street, Lady Bird Lake, Sixth Street and more. The bungalow-style structure is perfect for zoning out after a hectic day and their locally roasted coffee doesn’t hurt, either.

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Hotel Ella

Hotel Ella is a stylish boutique hotel housed in the historic Goodall Wooten House, one of Austin’s original landmark estates. This turn-of-the-century Greek revival mansion is beautifully intricate–with design, art, and hand-carved elements around every corner. After a day of maximum brain output in the tech booths at SXSW, tune the noise out on the wrap-around veranda with a cocktail.

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