Austin’s SXSW

What to expect during SXSW

March, Yearly

Could this event take credit for putting Austin on the map for the young, hungry, and tech-friendly? One could argue that; but the conference involves more than just nerds looking for the next cool wearable. No doubt, SXSW is a convergence of film, music, gaming, and interactive industries.
SXSW is a massive event showcasing the film, music, and interactive industries. The conference means tons of learning opportunities, with speakers, workshops, performances and so much more. Here, big names mingle with start-ups, and up-and-comer’s get a chance to rub elbows with all kinds of industry pros.
Expect tons of corporate activations, like Mr. Robot putting a giant Ferris Wheel downtown, or special performances by emerging (and big) music talent, plus loads of meme references from important people like, oh, President Obama (#ThanksObama).
Even though you’ve steered away from VR to avoid looking like a dork, you can indulge here and no one will judge you. We assure you, you won’t be alone, and Tinder and Bumble will probably be off its hinges throughout the festival.
Truth is, we understand why SXSW has grown immensely very quickly. Why not sit-in at panel discussions, immerse yourself in workshops, and watch the performances? The event seeks to offer major networking, learning, and discovery opportunities–and it certainly delivers.

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