Best Party Hotels in Miami

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You might know Miami for its more famous nightclubs and beaches, but we suggest keeping an open mind for more tucked away hotel bars and dance floors. Scratch below the surface of tourist traps and you’ll find some true gems–like intimate basement bars, Vegas-style clubs, and even an indoor ice-skating rink. We’ve tackled the difficult task of compiling a list of the best party-friendly hotels in the Magic City. Enjoy!

The Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach

You might have heard of the Vegas-style behemoth nightclub that is LIV. If you haven’t, here’s the elevator pitch: stilettos, bottle service, star EDM DJs, and beefy men. Get there early or get on the list. The Fontainebleau Hotel is definitely party central if you’re looking to get some action.

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The Miami Beach EDITION

A new addition to the neighborhood and a breath of fresh air, the Miami Beach EDITION is a showstopper. Get on down to the Basement, where you’ll find an ice skating rink, bowling alley, and nightclub. Yes, that’s right, all three. This is a top hotel choice if you’re looking for nights out with friends but don’t want to have to bar top. A dance, a strike, and a skate might be in your future.

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Delano South Beach Hotel

As a staple in Miami luxury hospitality, the Delano South Beach is well equipped with nightlife opportunities. The evening action centers around their three main spots: FDR, the basement lounge, and Rose Bar. People watching gets taken to a whole new level in Miami, and the Delano is no exception. Make friends with big spenders at the bar and you might just catch a ride on a yacht.

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SLS Hotel South Beach

The SLS Hotel is home to the very glitzy Hyde Beach–a new addition to the Hyde clubs that are already staples in Vegas and LA nightlife. This spot harbors the stuff of reality TV shows. South Beach club-going glamour is everything you can imagine. Yes, stilettos, rappers, and sexy people everywhere are a thing. This is a good spot for adventurous travelers who will get a kick out of the over-the-top scene.

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