LA’s Best Pet-Friendly Hotels

LA Loves Pets. Really.

Los Angeles is an area that’s perfect for folks of the outdoorsy persuasion–and that includes our pets. If you’re planning on hiking the Hollywood Hills and strolling the beaches of Santa Monica, it’s probably the perfect kind of vacation for your furry friend to join in on. To assist you in this travel joy, we’ve found LA’s best pet-friendly hotels.
Ditch the separation anxiety and soak-up the SoCal sunshine with your four-legged partner in crime. Here’s our list of spots that will welcome your pet with open arms.

Kimpton Palomar Beverly Hills

Welcoming any pet that can fit through the door, the Kimpton Palomar Beverly Hills shows their love for fur by making pet vacations fee-free. They’ll even go the extra mile and make them comfortable–from pet beds to concierge lists of pet-friendly eateries and parks. Furry friends can even hang out at the nightly wine tastings. Don’t have a pet? They’ll outfit you with a pet fish for your stay.

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Loews Santa Monica

Loews Loves Pets–it’s the name of their program! With a one-time service fee of $25 (although some properties may vary), the hotel allows up to 2 pets per room. They also have amenities on hand. Pet mats, food, water bowls, treats, beds, and even litter boxes are available. Want to pamper your little buddy? They have a room service menu for gourmet cat and dog food.

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Ace Hotel Downtown LA

Ace Hotels mostly welcome small dogs, but you should check with them if your pet is stranger or larger, and they’ll try to make it work. The hotel charges $25 per night, with no extra fees for extra pets. This gorgeous LA high-rise will give you and your furry friend a dreamy West Coast vacation.

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Four Seasons Beverly Hills

While not all Four Seasons allow pets, those who do really roll out the red carPET. The Four Season Beverly Hills offers small dogs and cats in-room amenities like beds, water bowls, piddle pads, and a concierge list of pet-friendly locations nearby. Now your little buddy can experience Beverly Hills luxury, too.

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