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Escape From Las Vegas

When you hear that the Vegas Strip is in the middle of nowhere, you’re not being lied to. Except for the fact that “nowhere” actually means amazing, sprawling landscapes. The area surrounding Las Vegas is home to fantastic hiking opportunities and some of Hollywood’s best Western backdrops.

The Bucket List

For some serious Mother Earth appreciation, we suggest you take the time to visit Lake Mead and Valley of Fire, which is about twenty-five miles from the city. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is split between Arizona and Nevada, and offers year-round activities on foot and by boat. Bonus points if you visit St. Thomas, a once underwater town. You can also see the monumental Hoover Dam here.

Mount Charleston

To the west of the city you will find Mount Charleston and Red Rock Canyon, both of which will leave you in awe. This gorgeous land houses miles of hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding. It’s also home to some of the most Instagram-worthy scenes you’ll encounter in the state.

LV Springs Preserve

Last but not least, Las Vegas Springs Preserve is a quickie. This is a central option for those seeking an outdoor activity that doesn’t require a road trip. Here, you can enjoy a botanical garden, bird watching, nature walks, biking, trails, and educational activities (if that’s your sorta thing).

Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa

Green Valley Ranch Resort is where you go when you’re looking for a more all-encompassing timeout. Here is where you can find a Mediterranean vibe blended with a full Vegas-style package: pool, spa, salon, and gambling. An added plus is the concierge activities for kids. This hotel is also a short distance from the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Las Vegas, and plenty of outdoor non-Strip, non-touristy stuff to do.

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Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Going off the Strip has its benefits–like being surrounded by the sprawling beauty of Red Rock Canyon and Sloan Canyon. Red Rock Resort gets its name from the canyon it overlooks, offering the opulence and amenities of a hotel on the Strip, minus the tourists and selfie sticks. Leave it up to the concierge to help you lock down a true canyon experience, whether it’s horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, or hot springs.

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Wynn Las Vegas

You might be wondering why the Wynn makes this list. The answer: amazing golf, and a great concierge team that can help you get out onto the course in style. This spot boasts the only golf course attached to a hotel on the Strip, so you can get through the 18-hole course without having to go on a field trip. On the other hand, the great concierge here can take you places. The folks at the Wynn would be delighted to help you plan a trip to Red Rock, Lake Mead, and more.

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Hilton Lake Resort & Spa

Located about twenty miles from downtown Las Vegas, this resort is not your standard Hilton experience. Nestled into the town of Henderson, think of this area as the grown up, down to earth side of Vegas, populated by people who enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround them. Here, you’ll enjoy hiking and walking trails, sailing, fishing, and biking. The stunning lake and mountain views might take your mind off the gaming and clubbing scene, but you’ll be close enough to the Strip if you want to go have a night out.

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