Best Las Vegas Design Hotels

Doing it Big!

Las Vegas is known for its larger-than-life hotels and a slew of themes that turn each property into an experience. Design plays a big role when guests are immersed in a Roman Empire fantasy, an Oriental oasis, or a trip through the decades with mid-century interiors. It’s easy to get lost with so much to offer. Don’t get bogged down by vague reviews. Instead, check out our favorite design hotels, on and off the Strip.

Delano Las Vegas

Understated elegance reigns supreme at the Delano Las Vegas. This Mandalay Bay property has the famous grandeur associated with its name, but the boutique Delano vibe allows you to enjoy your very own all-white-everything room with sophistication. Modern, warm interiors also follow guests into Franklin, the Delano’s cocktail bar, and their minimalist Bathhouse Spa.

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Nobu Hotel

One of the best-hidden “secrets” of Las Vegas hospitality are boutique suites hidden within hotels on the Strip. Nobu is one of them. With Japanese-inspired detailing, and splashes of jewel reds and purples, the modern spot is sleek yet grandiose all at once. Rooms are spacious, and have a secluded ambience about them that silences the noisier casino floors downstairs.

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SLS Las Vegas

At SLS Las Vegas, there’s a sense of playfulness in the room décor. Here, black and white meet canary yellow accents, and mirrors and stainless steel fixtures bring forth sophistication. Throughout the hotel, which has only recently opened, attention to detail can be seen in the pool tile work and sleekness of spa.

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