Coachella, Palm Springs, and Desert Escapades

Coachella: Escape from LA

April, Yearly

At this point, you may have heard a thing or two about Coachella. We love to take a scenic two-hour ride to Palm Springs–away from the city lights and congestion. We know we’re almost there when we see the windmills.


This massive music festival takes place every year over the course of two weekends in Indio, near Palm Springs. At Coachella, you’ll enjoy art installations, delicious food vendors, and an awesome (and comprehensive) lineup of international bands and DJs. Also, enjoy off-site pool parties, after-parties, and villa hangs. What’s the catch? Tickets sell out like hot cakes. This year’s festival kicks off now, but you should keep an eye out for next year’s tickets shortly after.


Pro tip: honor the Coachella roadtrip tradition to stop at In N Out after the festival and get everything on the menu, animal style.


The Guidebook

The good people at Coachella are ready for the expected 100,000 people to come in through their doors. With that said, they do recommend coming prepared and knowing how to get around. Head over to their site to check out the Guidebook.


The Hotels

Landing a good hotel is key to doing Coachella right. Interested in pool parties? Are you looking for a budget-friendly option? Would rather be closest to festival grounds? Say no more. We rounded up our favorite Palm Springs hotels for you and your crew.



L' Horizon Resort & Spa

L’Horizon Resort and Spa is a mid-century desert dream–a.k.a, bungalow-style rooms, a fire pit, sunset situations, and the stunning backdrop of panoramic mountains. This is where you might rub elbows with a Victoria’s Secret model, since guests of the original hotel included Marilyn Monroe, Presidents Regan and Nixon, and more. We can’t speak for everyone, but we’d ditch the festival and just lounge here forever.

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Ace Hotel & Swim Club

The Ace is an oasis in the middle of the desert, and the go-to spot for party people, festival artists, bookers, and the likes. While some guests will choose to indulge in a little Coachella madness, there’s a crowd here that prefers to hang back by the pool and enjoy the hotel DJ’s, performances, and brand giveaways.

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Parker Palm Springs

Endlessly stylish and hidden behind the mid-century California facade, Parker Palm Springs is the fancy, designer hotel of the desert. Festival season brings the fashion crowd out here, with parties like the H&M Loves Coachella release, and the Pandora Jewelry event. The hotel will probably be full of VIP wristband-types.

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