On The Road: From Las Vegas to Sedona

Chasing Canyons

It’s quite easy to hit the road from Las Vegas and drive towards the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. But why stop there? We drove from Las Vegas to Sedona and made many interesting stops along the way, equipped with a ton of 35mm film. Here’s how it all went down:

Hoover Dam

About an hour drive from Las Vegas and on the border between Nevada and Arizona, you’ll find the impressive Hoover Dam. This sizable construction on the Colorado River, however, is more than just a big wall to keep water from passing freely.

Built from 1931 to 1936, the Hoover Dam is an Art Deco wonder, complete with design and decor by Allen Tupper True, who incorporated Navajo and Pueblo motifs to flooring, walls, and structures throughout the compound. There are also sculptures designed by Oskar JW Hansen along with a massive dedication plaza depicting a ‘star map.’
Behold the Northern Hemisphere sky at the moment of President Roosevelt’s dedication of the dam:

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is MAJESTIC. There’s few sights or experiences that compare. And while some may opt for the easy Skywalk option, closer to Las Vegas and relatively more well-known… we chose to drive further east, towards the South Rim at Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Here, you have the option of doing light, medium, and expert hikes (as in going into the canyon). There’s geology and history museums and overall incredible pleasant facilities for those who want to spend a few hours walking about. The photo ops are just as incredible.


Bedrock City

Leaving the Grand Canyon, we stopped at a very quirky, fun but weird Flintstones-themed souvenir shop/theme park. A sunset-lit photo session quickly ensued as we realized this would turn into one of our hidden gems of the trip:



Last but not least, we drove down to Sedona, where we spent two nights. Sedona is a quiet, scenic city surrounded by red-rock mountains where you’ll find lots of crystal shops, aura readings, sound bowls, meditation workshops, and healing spas. For a powerful breakfast, head over to Creekside Restaurant–the view and food are both unparalleled. But this city’s main attractions remain the outdoors:
Slide Rock State Park, a popular destination for families looking to cool off at the fun natural slides that make the bed at Oak Creek. We drove past the busy park entrance and chose Grasshopper Point instead: a quieter, easy to access swimming hole with accessible cliffs for diving.

We also went vortex hopping. What is a vortex? This site can explain it in detail. Our stops included hiking up Bell Rock, a walk around Chapel of the Holy Cross (pictured), and a visit to Enchantment Resort, where another vortex is located. Whether you’re a believer or not, there is something incredibly special about Sedona that keeps travelers coming back for more.


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