Best Design Hotels in NYC

Best in NYC

We know that aesthetic value makes a difference. Clearly, so do you–that’s why you’re reading this. There’s beauty in details and simplicity. Hotels that pay attention to quality materials and the art of catching those pleasing angles make travel that much more glorious. It is often boutique hotels that get this right.
Rustic, Industrial, Mid-century, New American, Old Money, Pod– there’s really something for everybody here. New York’s Hotels are just as eclectic and engaging on the inside as the city is on the outside.

The Nolitan

The modern yet playful Nolitan Hotel nails New York City charm by incorporating the best of Downtown Manhattan grit. Floor to ceiling glass windows bring the outside in, with the colorful and dynamic scenery of cars, shops, and treetops complimenting the design. On the inside, warm woods, soft velvets, and all the mood lighting you can imagine create the perfect atmosphere to help guests unwind. We can’t find a thing to dislike.

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The Standard High Line

The Standard High Line is probably one of the most photographed hotels in the city. The lobby alone is a work of futuristic, space age-inspired art that even the New York Times has dubbed “an architectural tour de force.” Hop in the elevator for a video art-infused ride to your room, where you’ll be seduced by the simplicity yet attention to detail. There is no room that doesn’t have the special Standard touch–from the wood-paneled Standard Queen to the freestanding tubs in the Studios and Suites.

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Hotel Indigo LES

The Lower East Side is known for having housed both immigrants and artists, which has resulted in a historically and artistically rich neighborhood. Hotel Indigo, with a modern facade and throwback interiors, channels that cultural exchange with pleasing results. Think murals, floor to ceiling windows, and rich colors. Everything comes together perfectly, and the extensive natural lighting helps the surrounding neighborhood permeate the interiors–just enough to make you feel immersed in the L.E.S. We’d definitely extend our stay here.

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The Williamsburg

This newcomer is gaining traction on the hospitality scene, and for good reason. While some residents may be weary to see another giant emerge, there’s no denying that what’s inside this gem is intriguing. Designed by the Michaelis Boyd Studio of London, The Williamsburg Hotel is an eclectic treasure for the eyes. The rooms are airy and showcase attention to textiles and carefully arranged colors, but the entire space successfully avoids feeling stuffy. The colors, simplicity, and sleekness pack a powerful punch.

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