Las Vegas

Entertainment Capital of the World

You’re turning 21. Your best friend is getting married. Your boys want to pull a “Hangover” weekend. We get it. You’d like to do Vegas proper: gambling, people-watching weirdos in leopard prints, day drinking, showing up wasted to the Celine Dion show, sleep, repeat. Our Las Vegas city guide includes some bucket list options, but also scratches a bit below the surface for a slice of everyday life.

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Getting Around

The Strip, although grand in attractions, can be a walkable hike with endless stops along the way. Just don’t try and do this hungover in the summertime. With a total of 4 miles from Mandalay Bay to the Wynn, it’s not uncommon for people who choose to explore by foot. What’s nice is that some hotels even have walkways connecting multiple buildings. A bar-crawl on the Strip can be a new tradition, if you’re a first timer.
Further out or off-the-Strip stops are opportunities for Uber and Lyft. These are cheaper and more reliable than cabs and most hotels have a dedicated pick-up area. Just keep a few things in mind: surge pricing, high-traffic areas may cause inaccurate pick-up times, and you can’t get picked up at the airport.


We’ll leave the tourist traps off this list. You can easily walk into any ol’ spot on the Strip and get a giant steak and an overpriced cocktail. Here are our alternatives for interesting, delicious meals and more, locals-approved.


Outings & Drinking

Skip the hotel bars, overpriced cocktails, and explore some of Las Vegas’ best venues and boozy establishments. Believe us, there’s plenty.  Here’s a few favorites:


Oddball & Kooky Vegas Staples

Some of the strangest museums can be found in this city, and believe us, there’s plenty of weird to go around.

A few stops on the oddball bus: the Zombie Apocalypse store, Pinball Hall of Fame, The Mob Museum, Neon Boneyard, and Atomic Testing Museums. While they may not be for everyone, we consider them unique, non-Strip Vegas stops.
If you’re looking for a more high-brow experience, try The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, The Writer’s Block for writing and literature, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, or even the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park.

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