Los Angeles

The Big Orange

City of Angels. Home to the Stars. We can keep the stereotypes up for days, but instead, let’s talk about great food, architecture, entertainment, and culture that LA has to offer. Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite spots.

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The Bucket List

These are our must-see spots in Los Angeles for anyone who’s visiting for the very first time.


To Get Around

It’s no surprise that traffic may not be your friend in LA. Best thing you can do is group your outings by area, so you’re always a 20 minute Uber ride from the hotel. Whether driving or in the back seat, knowing a few major freeways will help you loads:

Pacific Coast Highway (or PCH)

Not really a freeway but a famous road running alongside coastal California. At times a 2-way windy drive, other times an expressway. Always a nice view.

The 5

Runs from Mexico to Canada (no joke) and passes through Downtown LA all the way through to Orange County. A big one.

The 10

Major traffic artery starting at Santa Monica Pier, going towards Downtown, but mostly running east to west.

The 101

One of LA’s most famous freeways ending in Downtown after running through Hollywood and Thai Town. You can say it cuts directly through Hollywood and North Hollywood.

The 105

LAX’s own freeway, but mostly fairly short. Connects eventually with the 405 and 110. Fun fact: Speed the movie was shot here before its opening.

The 110

The oldest freeway in California, running north to south, and dubbed the Heart of LA. Some say it was not built to handle today’s traffic.

The 405

This famous north-south artery is notorious for heavy traffic but yet a favorite. It runs between SF Valley, through major attractions in LA, all the way to Long Beach and Orange County.

VIM – Very Important Meals

From a decades old jewish deli to a genuine taco truck, whoever said the LA food scene isn’t exciting simply isn’t looking. Go beyond the mandatory In N Out stops and try a few of these places.


Take a Hike

It’s no secret that Angelinos are health-obsessed. Who would blame them? They’ve got loads of scenery to enjoy while getting their fitness on. Here are a few of our most loved hikes:

Laurel Canyon

Dreamy backdrop that was once the home of hippie icons – Jim Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Zappa – sits today as one of the chicest areas where to plant roots. These hikes will lead to spectacular views.

Runyon Canyon

This dog-friendly, people-watching friendly hike is an easy one and thankfully, one of the easiest hikes in LA. Tourists, moms, and celebrities take the many trails and sprawling views of LA.

El Matador State Beach

This secluded Malibu beach is where rocky cliffs meet the ocean, resulting in nooks and caves that add a special something to this already beautiful strip of sand. While it does get crowded at times, the sunsets are something not to miss.

Mulholland Drive

Find yourself a good place to park and follow the others. Mulholland Drive is a popular spot for those wanting to get a panoramic view of Los Angeles.


Culture Vulture

You could spend a month in LA and barely scratch the surface of an art, design, and architecture scene that’s bursting at the seams with talent. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned culture-seeker, these are some of our favorite stops.


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