San Francisco

The City by the Bay

To the Bay Area and Beyond! Foodies, tech bros, stoner hippies, outdoors(wo)men. It feels like San Francisco’s got it all and then some. In a city that’s so rapidly changing, it may be difficult to get a grip on the must-sees and bucket list spots to hit when passing through town. Let us give you a few pointers for when City Guides become too overwhelming.



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The Bucket List

Here’s a shortlist of the stuff that you may wanna do at some point during your visit in SF:

Celebrate Pride in The Castro

History was written on the streets of Castro, mecca for the LGBT community since the 60s, when discharged gay servicemen settled in the Bay Area and met the hippies settled in Haight-Ashbury. Harvey Milk spearheaded a movement that changed the city and today, Castro is a thriving area of all things gay.

Visit Alcatraz

A small island offshore that’s home to aboriginal tribes at first, then old military buildings, the oldest operating lighthouse in the West Coast and the famous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. A short ferry ride will get you there and plenty of stories to share.

Painted Ladies

It’s hard to miss SF’s Victorian and Edwardian homes, but even if you’ve never seen them in person, you’ve surely spotted them on TV and movies – they’re famous for being on the opening credits of Full House. This row of homes across from Alamo Square Park are just postcard perfect.

Walk down Lombard Street

Aptly claimed as “the most crooked street in the world” this steep, one-block section on Russian Hill between Hyde and Leavenworth streets, where eight hairpin turns were created to alleviate the hill’s 27% grade. Speed limit is 5 mph and for a reason! No Bullitt-like driving here.

Get on the Cable Car

The steep hills of San Francisco and the Cable Car are known around the world. This is an easy one to check off the bucket list! Runs every 10 minutes and we were nice enough to find the route for you.

VIM – Very Important Meals

Here are a few spots we thought we’d share. Why? Because we worry and want you to be well fed on vacation. Also, call your mother.


Breaking the Bank

Most folks will say you should shop at Union Square. While it’s true that most large retail shops are there, you shouldn’t miss out on the local flavors carrying plenty of emerging talent and vintage gems.

Vintage on Haight-Ashbury

The iconic intersection where hippie culture originated has seen many phases: from hopeful, to drug den, to comedy central, to well, today: a mishmash of all those things, punk shops and more. Assume weirdness but good vintage shopping here!

Go for broke in Mission

Encompassing the new wave of SF residents, Mission is where independent designers, trustfund-fueled small businesses, and emerging artisans who can afford retail spaces set up their shops. From rugged menswear to selvage denim, and sustainable dresses to handmade pottery are all for sale here.

High-end on Hayes

When you’re looking to spend a pretty penny but not end up with the equivalent a diamond encrusted Ugg boot, you go to Hayes, a Street just west of SoMA, close enough to Mission. Small but carefully curated boutiques carry the best of local and international pieces to make you swoon for days.

Take a Hike

The Bay Area offers endless outdoor activities covering water, mountain, and more.


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