Frieze Art Fair New York

New York’s Most Important Art Fair

May 2018

Frieze Art Fair is a favorite amongst New Yorkers. Who doesn’t love to schmooze outdoors with friends while checking out top-tier contemporary art? It’s the art fair that you don’t want to miss. And you even get to take the ferry there!
The Fair features some of the world’s leading art galleries, and showcases them over the course of a weekend in Randall’s Island. View or buy is the mood here, and there’s loads of work to enjoy. As part of the larger Frieze Week, the Fair’s fifth edition took place in 2016 and drew record attendance and sales–so much so that The Guardian dubbed it “New York’s most important art fair.”
So you’re not an art buff–why should you go? Frieze brings together all kinds of people that are shaping culture and engaging in conversation on socially relevant topics today. Latin American artists, and topics of feminism, activism, modernism, and interdisciplinary collaboration all converge here.

Get tickets through their main website and make sure to get a ferry pass–the short ride is beautiful.
Tickets aren’t on sale just yet, but will be available on their website soon. Word to the wise: act quick; they are limited and sell out fast.

Where To Stay

With thousands of hotels in New York, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the right hotel for Frieze. We rounded up some of our favorite places to stay.

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