Our Guide to North Brooklyn

North Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick

They say that Brooklyn residents rarely see a reason to go to downtown anymore. Surely I’ll admit, it has been two months for me. One can argue that Manhattan’s love for corporate cash put a dent on the borough’s true character; truth is you can thank ridiculous rent prices and Starbucks lovers for Brooklyn’s attractiveness.
To start, Williamsburg and Greenpoint were home of 2000’s warehouse raves, artist lofts, and immigrant families. Today, they have been mostly replaced by luxury condos and $5 lattes. But if you know where to look or who to talk to, you’ll find yourself face to face with the creative DIY spirit that drew broke people here to begin with.
Here, dining options range from Argentine, Moroccan, BBQ, Japanese, Polish, and German, to quite possibly the best New American cuisine in all of NYC (courtesy of the Marlow & Sons folks). Get your morning coffee from a shipping-container-turned-radio-station where DJ’s play around the clock. Party with real people at Good Room and Black Flamingo. Sip adult beverages at neighborhood favorites Delmano and Kinfolk. Buy local, and enjoy enough music venues and record shops to make your head spin.
Their grittier counterpart, Bushwick, still feels like its own eco-system and is fighting gentrification. Born out of the need for cheaper, larger art spaces, the neighborhood still aims to keep its original Latino flavor while welcoming newcomers. This is where graffiti reigns (however questionable some street art can be these days), your friend’s roommate is performing her new piece at Bushwick Collective Block Party, and the night always seems to end at Bossa Nova Civic Club because techno is king.

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