Healthy Traveling

Making the Impossible Possible

Traveling is fun. So are new places. So are new restaurants. So is going on a vacation and eating like King Richard.

But what happens when an indulgent evening becomes an indulgent weekend, which then becomes an indulgent week? By the end of vacation people can become lethargic and feel unwell. This energy zap may prevent a traveler from seeing all the sites they had on their list, or exploring some of the beautiful places they were told they “must see.” So what is one to do? How can we have an awesome time but keep our wellness in check–all while away from home?

There are a few tips that can keep a body and mind going strong, even while on a break from normal life. An active vacation, with enough water and nourishing food, can keep a traveler in the zone–and ensure that they check every item off their to-do list.

Active Trips

One of the first ways to ensure that your body stays in motion on your vacation is to plan a trip that includes lots of exploring–like hiking, tours, concerts, and biking. There are just as many (if not more) vacations that can involve the great outdoors, or at least plenty of motion. Plan several days of walking trips or hikes that you want to tackle. Look into National and State Parks, forests, and preserves. For trips to places like Los Angeles, why not book a surfing lesson? If you’re going to be in the city, plan to take advantage of the countless things to do that are literally at your fingertips–just skip the taxi.

Hotel Choice

Hospitality brands are becoming more health-conscious than ever before. Hotels are upping their gym-game, and often offer swimming pools, weight rooms, and yoga mats. Some spots even have yoga classes, free bike rentals, and spas. We here at Viral know that lots of travelers will be looking for these, so when you’re browsing our articles, keep an eye out for this info.

Eating On The Go

Eating out can be expensive. Dining out three times a day, for seven days in a row while on vacation can be quite expensive. Which is why I always bring my favorite protein bars and healthy snacks when I travel. That way, if you can hit up a free breakfast buffet (we feature many hotels that offer complimentary breakfast), you can have some eggs and fruit to start your day. Later, you can snack when you get hungry, or grab something small and inexpensive, and then splurge at dinner. Voila! Reduced food spending. Plus reduced restaurant mega-calories.

Water and Sleep

If you’re a minimalist, or not interested in being a health guru on vacation, I get it. Been there. Done that. But there are two simple things you can do to at least keep your well-being relatively in check: drink water and sleep. Eating out often leads to excess consumption of coffee, soda, and alcohol, which dehydrates travelers. Keep your electrolytes in balance, and keep your system happy,  by drinking water throughout the day.

Additionally, try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. How can you explore Texas Hill Country with a dehydrated, sleepy body? Or bike through the Brooklyn Waterfront with a headache? It just doesn’t work.

Walk, Walk, and Walk

A major benefit of visiting new places is that it often provides the opportunity to get out, move, and find some adventure. Plan days of walking, biking, or hiking through new areas by finding spots you want to see and map out your quest. If visiting Austin, take a walk through the Zilker area and spend time at Barton Spring Park for some swimming. Or if you’re in Miami, allot a day to stroll through Wynwood and then migrate over to the Design District. LA travelers have this easy–explore areas of Santa Monica by bike, or hike through the Hollywood Hills.


As you can see, there are some fun ways to keep your body in motion while away from home. In fact, sometimes it’s the most optimal way to see a new place. What better way to explore an area then by walking, taking your time, and mingling among the locals? Traveling is about new experiences and making memories. Slow down, stroll, and find some adventure. And don’t forget to drink water!


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