Art Basel Miami Beach 2017

Miami’s Busiest Season

December 7-10, 2017

It may just last a couple of days in December, but Art Basel brings the fury of thousands of bored New Yorkers and Angelinos to Miami. And Miami is ready to deliver. The yearly art fair extravaganza features leading galleries from all around the globe, and displays the most enthralling artworks imaginable. In addition to the official Miami Beach Convention Center event, there’s a number of satellite fairs and music events going down–so pay close attention.

The Art Fairs

Art Basel Miami Beach
The official event hosts over 200 galleries and 4000 artists, including film, video, digital art, installations, sculpture, and paintings. Tickets can be purchased on their site ahead of time, but walk-ins are welcome.
SCOPE Miami Beach
SCOPE Miami Beach returns for a 17th Basel season. Boasting 140 international galleries from 25 different countries, they expect to draw over 55,000 people over 6 days. Their Miami event is their biggest, but they hold events in NY and Basel.
Art Miami
Art Miami is moving Downtown! And they’re bringing their art and sister fair, CONTEXT, with them. Housed at the old Miami Herald space, Art Miami will be kicking off their 28th year as part of Basel season. Expect great art of all mediums, and crowds.
Design Miami
Design Miami is a global design forum. They house the most incredible furnishings, objects, and collectibles you’ll ever see. This fair is for the architecture and aesthetic-conscious crowds, whether you’re from Basel or Miami. Check their site regularly for tickets.
There’s plenty more art to see if you can’t make it to any of those four. Miami is an art city year-round, and boasts an exciting scene no matter what time you visit. You don’t have to plan your trip solely during the Basel madness.


The Parties

First and foremost, it’s a celebrity circus. Don’t even try to get into that Vanity Fair party that your friend said you could sneak into. Avoid the VIP events and opt for something more approachable and accessible to all. Crowds will be way better where there’s zero paparazzi.
Eyes on Red Bull
As strong cultivators of culture, keep your eyes peeled for announcements of a Red Bull event. They promise a stellar event that will surely be at the cutting edge.
Wynwood & Little River
While these are technically not parties, it’s where the parties will take place. Let’s face it, Miami Beach is not the place for artsy revelers to let completely loose. It’s in these two more care-free areas that most after-parties will happen. Don’t miss out. We’ll be posting updates on our Instagram as details come together.
Enjoy walking around and exploring these neighborhoods. There’s plenty of beauty to appreciate, even outside the art circuit. Shop local, ask questions, meet people, but no matter what you do, hear us on this one: please don’t pose in front of the street art. Tell-tale signs of a tourist!

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