Visit New Orleans & Spend Less Than $300

New Orleans on a Budget

The city of Jazz is full of flavor, sightseeing, café’s with french flair, and killer street music. Take advantage of the elements that make New Orleans so distinct and you’ll be able to stretch your dollar from experience to experience.

Where To Go

Explore the city by foot or on wheels, but don’t leave any stone unturned. In addition to the tourist-laden neighborhoods, we invite you to venture into Treme, Bywater, the Warehouse District, and beyond.
Cemetery Tours
The cemeteries of New Orleans are famous for good reason. Television shows, movies, and copious amounts of photography wouldn’t take place here if there wasn’t something super cool about them. The most renown cemetery of the city is most definitely St. Louis Cemetery No. 1–does ”Interview with the Vampire” or “The Originals” ring a bell? This cemetery really sets the scene for some mega-creepiness. In fact, some famous voodoo practitioners who didn’t behave very well are buried here–including the “Queen of Voodoo”. The rules of the cemetery state the members of the general public can only enter the gates if they’re on an official tour, so grab your tickets ahead of time. Visit their site for tickets and info.
New Orleans Botanical Garden
This picturesque city is known for its greenery, and there’s no place better to appreciate the landscape than at their Botanical Garden. Open 7 days a week from 10a-5p, this stroll is plenty of feel good foliage and photo opps. Adults $6.
Literally, anywhere
Sometimes the best way to see a city is by bike. Bike tours or planning your own route of which neighborhoods you want to see can be an efficient, scenic, and affordable way to get around. Stop at cafés for snacks and look for amazing street music, make all the cemetery stops or gawk at gorgeous home gardens, or ride along the river. $10/hour.
Insider Tip: a super inexpensive city bike share program is launching in Fall 2017.

Where to Refuel

New Orleans has consistently had a renown coffee scene, and it’s still going strong. The port city’s location made it such a hearty trading destination that Cuban, Caribbean, French, and Latin American influence created an explosion of coffee influence. Beignets and café au lait at Café du Monde are one of the most well known treats of New Orleans–and they’re worth it. But there’s also a few other coffee stops that are making waves. And let’s be honest, we love them all. In fact, we think you should hit up a different one each day. Have a beignet for us!
Stumptown Coffee at the Ace Hotel
Stumptown roasters spent months in their Cold Brew Lab concocting refreshing elixirs to battle New Orleans heat. And we love them for it. Under $15.
Addiction coffee house knows what it means to need a caffeine “fix.” They roast their delicious beans in-house and serve homemade pastries by Master Pastry Chef Ziggy Cichowski of New Orleans’ Maple Street Patisserie. Under $15.
Cherry Espresso Bar
Focusing on local coffee and micro roasts, Cherry Espresso Bar makes coffee an artistic and sensory experience. Under $10.


Locals Approved

Besthoff Sculpture Garden + NoMa
The New Orleans Museum of Art has a vast array of collections and exhibitions to enjoy. For a small entry fee visitors can view contemporary art, local artists, sculpture gardens, and even film festivals in the summer. Just next door in City Park is the Besthoff Sculpture Garden, which is owned by NoMa, and is totally free to visit if that’s the only area you’re interested in seeing. Under $15.
The French Market
The French influence present in New Orleans is one that we’re grateful for. Because French people know how to eat. Not only are the cafés around town delicious, but the city has a French Market that is open The French Market is open from ten to six, and spans almost six blocks. As both a farmer’s market and flea market, food, snacks, and treasures of all kinds can be found here. Stroll through the stalls, stations, bands playing on the corner, and enjoy the sights of the Mississippi River while you sip, chew, walk, and relax. Free to enter, but you may want to take a souvenir home.


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