Travel by Air

The Viral Guide to Traveling by Air

The airport experience has become a necessary evil that shittily bookends every amazing trip.  The unnerving airport lines, the unnecessary proximity to that guy with a gnarly cough, the lady at the counter whose patience is half-past running thin. With that in mind, the viral team set out to create the definitive travel by air guide to help you fly stress-free.


TSA Pre-check

Also known as: first-class for the airport security line. TSA Pre-check is an expedited screening program that grants the non-terrorists access to a quicker line and less security requirements. Just be careful to not look too smug in front of the folks in the regular line — it’s uncouth. Find out more here.

Global Entry

Global Entry is the US Customs expedited service for low-risk international travelers. While this may not get you through international security lines quicker, it does allow access to fancy futuristic kiosks that expedite entry into the U.S. Find out more here.

In the sky

The key to a great in-flight experience lies in managing your own expectations. All airlines are NOT created equal and you will usually get what you pay for. There are a few examples of airline companies with clever business models that balance experience and pricing — Jet Blue comes to mind. When you do find the airline that suits you, stick with it. There are countless rewards programs and credit card offers available to help you hoard miles and perk-up.

If the above seems a bit too involved for your taste, you can just rely on good old-fashioned politeness. You’d be surprised how far a simple smile will go when requesting an empty row on a long flight. I’ve never been above a bit of flirting on a plane for an extra bag of metaphorical peanuts, but your miles may vary.


At your destination

Confidence is key when navigating the arrival in an unfamiliar city. For example, I’ll not only practice the address to my destination, but also the best route at the time of landing. Some airports have set rates for cab rides which can save you from an overpriced ride. If not, pop in a cab and say your version of the following: Corner of Great Jones and Bowery – take the BQE to the Williamsburg bridge. I have no idea what I just said but I’d bet I just saved a ton of money on my cab ride.

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